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Maple Knoll Communities COVID-19 Update

Updated on March 30, 2020 @ 4:00 PM

Friends of Maple Knoll Communities,

we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and, in accordance with The Ohio Department of Health, World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control,, are continuously evaluating our policies, procedures and taking extra precautions. Because the health and well-being of our residents and employees remains our first priority, we continue to make extensive preparations, realizing this situation has an unpredictable path. Maple Knoll Communities’ Corporate Infection Preventionist will be coordinating all precautions, screenings, supplies, education, updates and communication related to the virus. We have implemented the following procedures and responses:

Visitors and Resident Access: ALL VISITORS are now restricted from entering all areas of Maple Knoll Communities, including Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Independent Living Common spaces. In addition, all individuals are asked by the State of Ohio to shelter in place.

• All essential employees, vendors and other medical personnel will be screened prior to being allowed entry to our facilities.

• Delivery of meals will be provided to our Independent Living residents at their request. Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents will continue to have their needs met by our staff. Residents have been given essential information on accessing meals and other necessary items. Loved ones of our residents can learn more by calling 513.782.2500. You may also see updated occurances from around our campuses by visiting our social media pages.

We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to ensure the essential needs of our residents continue to be met. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through what we deem is necessary to protect those living and working in our communities.

Coronavirus Main Contact: Aaron Steckman, Infection Preventionist

Email asteckman@mkcommunities.org or Call 513.782.2731 (office), 513.365.9527 (cell).

We thought you would like to know that employees from every department have “stepped up” to assist with meal preparation and delivery, essential care, activities, cleaning and even taking the time to check in with our residents to assure they are doing well, both mentally and physically. Some of our efforts to assist these employees and residents have included:

· Providing free meals to employees during their shifts, including lunch and dinner.

· Restricting access to Independent Living Common Spaces, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing.

· Screening of all essential employees entering the building.

· Providing onsite childcare for both Maple Knoll Village and The Knolls of Oxford. We recognize many of our employees may have challenges in finding child care during this difficult time and therefore we have just been approved by the State of Ohio to operate a temporary child care center through April 6th or until we are notified it is no longer needed or an extension is granted. This service will be FREE to employees.

· Creation of a Pandemic Pantry offering numerous essential-type items that may be difficult to obtain as well as will offer some of these things for sale in the café.

· The Employee Appreciation Team has been visiting all areas providing snacks, thank you’s and small tokens of our appreciation.

· Employees have been reassigned as needed- for example: wellness center employees providing activities in nursing, maintenance and housekeeping assisting with meals, screening and activities.

· Continuation of meals and activities in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing by implementing new programs which allow for 6 feet of social distancing and educational opportunities to stimulate each resident.

· Assistance with Skype and Facetime for residents in all levels of care.

· Working on the creation of a Pen Pal program between MKV and TKO IL residents.

· One on one resident activities such as delivery of snacks, flowers, care packages, games and puzzles.

· Addition of 24 hour programming on our resident television station which includes movies, exercise classes, prayer groups, Ted Talks, trivia, meditation and more.

· Delivery of meals provided to those in Independent Living by request and at no additional charge.

· Resident assistance with Kroger grocery ordering and delivering via telephone.

· Offering of essential grocery items, such as bread, milk, eggs, cheese, cereal and cleaning products via door to door delivery from our café.

· Promotion of request for letters and well wishes for our residents.

· We are currently in the process of finalizing our resident family member app which will allow all family members to access information similar to our current resident app.

You can be instrumental in limiting your risk for exposure and/or spreading the virus by;

1. washing your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer (must be 60%+ alcohol) for as long as it takes you to sing the “Happy Birthday” song TWICE

2. covering your mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing

3. disposing of used tissues immediately (don’t leave them laying on surfaces)

4. maintaining your distance from those exhibiting symptoms

5. avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth

For updates on areas that have community spread or travel restrictions please refer to https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html.

Our main sources for Coronavirus Information and Guidance continue to be The Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Maple Knoll Communities’ Corporate Infection Preventionist will be coordinating all precautions, screenings, supplies, education, updates and communication related to the virus. Maple Knoll Communities will continue to provide all necessary operational support to respond to an outbreak, and abides by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control’s standard recommendations to prevent infection spread.



​The moment you step on campus, you realize our residents love to call The Knolls of Oxford home. The Knolls offers carefree living in a secure  environment. When electing a retirement community, it's important to find a facility that can meet your changing needs over time. The Knolls of  Oxford not only offers the features and amenities you desire, but the security to know you will be cared for well into the future. There is on-site health care, including assisted living, home care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, along with a clinic with many specialized services, The Knolls has everything you need to Live Life!

The Knolls of Oxford Pricing Plans
Maple Knoll strives to deliver the best lifestyle possible through its comprehensive options, amenities, and services. Maple Knoll strives to create the best time in life for its residents, clients and members



​Retire at The Knolls, and you will be minutes from all that a university community such as Oxford has to offer. Attend a Miami Art Museum opening, dine at any of Oxford's quaint restaurants up town, cheer on your favorite university sports team or enjoy the multitude of cultural events and concerts regularly offered at Miami University.

If the outdoors is your passion, you can enjoy the well-stocked fishing holes or an afternoon of boating just five miles down at Hueston Woods State Park. Whether you are a casual stroller, nature lover, bird watcher, or simply enjoy the fresh air, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature right here at The Knolls. The refreshing peaceful grounds surrounding your new home will inspire walking, jogging and other avenues of outdoor enjoyment.

Enjoy the comfortable lifestyle of The Knolls of Oxford knowing that access to the "big-city adventure" is within an hour drive to Cincinnati and the tri-state area. Dayton, Ohio; Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky; and Indianapolis, Indiana are also within easy reach.


​Walk into our community and your first impression will be of an active and engaging atmosphere. The Knolls welcomes diversity and celebrates individuality. Check out our accommodations and amenities, we are sure you will want to create memories and Live Life with us!

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​At The Knolls of Oxford we understand that choosing a retirement community is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Early research and numerous tours of a facility will allow you to make the right decision and when it is good for you. We would like to help you feel confident  that you have chosen the best community for you. Please search through the four items highlighted below and allow us to assist you on your journey.

As you prepare for your retirement search you may encounter some terms you are unfamiliar with. Knowledge of these Common Terms should help you to become more informed on the concepts of retirement living. Terms You Need to Know

When touring a retirement community you may not always be aware of what questions you should ask. We have set up a list of Guided Questions for you to ask when inquiring about a community. Retirement Community Questions

We also understand that the price of retirement living can seem overwhelming at first glance. Once you break that price down most often you will discover that is around if not less than what you pay for your current lifestyle. Please click on the link below to help you compare your current cost of living with that of a retirement community, such as The Knolls of Oxford or our sister community, Maple Knoll Village. Comparison Evaluation

Should you require information or assistance on other senior related topics we have several non-profit agencies that we recommend. Please view the list of resources we have compiled for your convenience. Elder Resources