Miami University Connection

Miami University's affiliation with The Knolls of Oxford, formalized on December 20, 2005 is one of more than 100 such partnerships forged between colleges and nearby retirement communities over the past 25 years. The formal affiliation has been renewed in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2019.
The Miami-Knolls Affiliation which preserves the autonomy of both parties, came about after officials from both communities began exploring in earnest the mutually beneficial possibilities of a partnership in 2004. The affiliation's goals, as stated in the formal agreement signed by Jeffery Herbst, provost and vice-president of Miami University along with Terry Marty, chairman of the board for Maple Knoll Communities, Inc., a non-profit enterprise that oversees The Knolls of Oxford - are as follows:

  1. To foster cooperation and interaction between the Knolls and Miami University for the benefit of both Miami University and The Knolls and their constituent groups.
  2. To enhance educational opportunities for Knolls residents and Miami University students and staff.
  3. To increase intergenerational exposure and activities.
  4. Miami students participating in service learning, internships and administrator-in-training programs at The Knolls.
  5. To grant preferential admission to The Knolls for Miami University affiliated faculty and staff and their families to enhance the Miami University Community.

Check out the link below to see the latest Miami student and Knolls resident collaboration. 
Salute to Our Veteran

This has been a match made in Oxford, a little piece of heaven on earth, And the best is yet to come. -Former Miami President
Dr. Phillip Shriver
There can't be enough good things said about this extraordinary relationship ...I can't think of a better way to improve this relationship than to do more of it. -Miami University President
Dr. David Hodge

Partnering to advance preference based care among nursing home residents

Miami University's Scripps Gerontology Center's project, "Incorporating the Preferences for Everyday Living into Ohio's Nursing Homes to Improve Resident Care," is funded to partner with nursing home providers seeking to deliver person-centered care by honoring their residents' preferences for everyday living. Translating research into practice is a hallmark of the Preference Based Living team.

The team partnered with the Knolls of Oxford, to pilot test a novel communication intervention - preferences for activities and leisure (PAL) cards with their skilled nursing residents. PAL cards provide at a glance information about a resident's background and important preferences for daily life. Staff at the Knolls of Oxford report that PAL cards are helpful because they promote more personalized care. Residents felt that their voices were heard, which made them feel like a person. The cards spark conversations between staff, volunteers, and community members, contributing to a greater sense of connectedness.

OMA ART CELEBRATION - The Knolls of Oxford - Fall 2017