Choosing a Community

​At The Knolls of Oxford we understand that choosing a retirement community is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Early research and numerous tours of a facility will allow you to make the right decision ​at the right time. We would like to help you feel confident that you have chosen the best community for you. Please search through the four items highlighted below and allow us to assist you on your journey.

​As you prepare for your retirement search you may encounter some terms ​with which you are unfamiliar. Knowledge of these Common Terms should help you to become more informed on the concepts of retirement living. Terms You Need to Know

​When touring a retirement community you may not always be aware of what questions you should ask. We have set up a list of Guided Questions for you to ask when inquiring about a community. Retirement Community Questions

​We also understand that the price of retirement living can seem overwhelming at first glance. ​Once you break that price down you will likely discover that it is about, if not less, than what you pay for your current lifestyle. Please click on the link below to help you compare your current cost of living with that of a retirement community, such as The Knolls of Oxford or our sister community, Maple Knoll Village. Comparison Evaluation

 Should you require information or assistance on other senior related topics we have several non-profit agencies that we recommend. Please view the list of resources we have compiled for your convenience. Elder Resources