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Pricing and Accommodations

The Knolls of Oxford is a non-profit community for people 62 and older, and is owned and operated under the authority of Maple Knoll Communities, Inc.

The Knolls of Oxford provides services including residential accommodations, assisted living, and skilled nursing care. We have a policy of non-discrimination. All services and accommodations of the community are available to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, handicap, blindness, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, or sponsor.

The vision of The Knolls of Oxford is to provide a retirement lifestyle that promotes independence, socialization, and security for each resident. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in an environment that reflects warmth, dignity, and respect.

The Knolls of Oxford is located on beautiful grounds in Oxford, Ohio. Our location allows easy access to shopping, entertainment, and many community events. The Oxford community is home to Miami University, which provides many cultural opportunities for residents of The Knolls of Oxford. The university also offers continuing education courses, which our residents can take advantage of.

Knowing how to pay for retirement planning and senior living financial planning is essential. The team at The Knolls of Oxford is here to help. Download our pricing guide below.

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Senior Living Financial Planning

When it comes to senior living financial planning, The Knolls of Oxford is here to help. We have a team of experts who can assist you in understanding the various options available to you.

There are a number of ways to finance your retirement, and the team at The Knolls of Oxford can help you explore all of your options.

We can help you understand the costs associated with retirement living, and we can provide you with information on government benefits that may be available to you. The Knolls of Oxford is a non-profit community, and we offer a variety of pricing options to fit your budget.

Residential Accommodations

To apply for residency at The Knolls of Oxford, you must complete the admission record (one for each person) and the financial statement. The completed forms plus a $500 processing fee should be delivered to our marketing department. A marketing specialist will help coordinate the remainder of the application process. This application fee is non-refundable.

Financial Options

The Knolls of Oxford has created a unique program that provides older adults a rewarding lifestyle, while at the same time, assuring they will receive quality care and services whenever they may need it. We offer a financial option and monthly fees to complement the neighborhood you select in our continuing care retirement community.
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1.25% Declining Financial Option

The Knolls of Oxford offers its residents a 1.25% straight line payment plan for most cottages. A lump sum payment known as the “entrance fee” is paid. This entrance fee will amortize at the rate of 1.25% per month or 15% per year. Any remaining unamortized portion of the entrance fee is refunded at the end of the residents’ stay at The Knolls of Oxford.

In the event of permanent relocation to another level of care within The Knolls of Oxford’s continuum of care, the resident monthly service fee will be paid from the remaining unamortized portion of the entrance fee until the entrance fee is depleted. At that time, the resident will make the monthly fee payments. For information on this model, please speak with a member of our marketing department.

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